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As I was running this morning, looking up at the stars that outlined the big dipper, a song came on my iPod that truly spoke to me. Relationships, relationships, relationships; this word has been on my mind for the last couple months and I’ve been calling out to God for an answer. I started feeling him calling out to me a couple months ago when a close friend of mine sent me a video about Love, Sex & Dating. One specific line stuck out to me, as if it was being spoken to me directly; the pastor repeatedly asked, “Are you who the person you are looking for, is looking for?” It took me a little while to get my head around this questions, but ultimately this question spoke truth to me. It allowed me to ask myself, “Do I want to become someone worth catching, someone worth pursuing in the eyes of the Lord,” I want to be READY to be the person that someone is looking for. God has been speaking to me so clearly lately in so many fashions. Whether in Breakaway, my Sunday night small group at Bridgepoint Church, at Generations Church (GC) on Thursdsay nights, FOCUS on Monday nights at Boise State or the loving and caring impact that my family has had since I gave my life to Christ, I have been surrounded by the influences I need to stay faithful. Are you living the life that you’re meant to lead? Are you a living example, through the body of Christ, of the person you’re meant to spend your life with? Start thinking twice before you jump into a relationship based short-term or monetary things and find someone that loves Christ more than anything, because if they love Christ that much, they will certainly love you with everything they have!

1 Corinthians 13:11 “When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

We are all created for relationships. We all want to be happy. We all want to find someone who we want to be with every second of every day. And what I pray is that we all want to live through Christ and find that significant other who will be there every step of the way. The next time you think about pursuing a relationship think to yourself, “Am I who the person I am looking for, is looking for?”

God Bless!


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Do you have dreams, goals and ambitions for your 80th birthday? Possibly being around to see your grand-children grow, playing golf five days a week or maybe it’s as simple as being in good health. At 22 years of age I was able to experience a priceless opportunity with my grandpa, 80 years young, that will forever reside in my memory!Grandpa Joel as the grand-kids like to call him has been a stellar athlete and fitness fanatic for his entire life. A nationally ranked track athlete until the age of 35, YMCA lifetime member and avid cyclist, he has made staying fit a way of life. Do you have an 80 year old grandpa that you brag to your friends about? I do, heck, I brag about him so often the Lake Oswego public relations firms should be paying me for boasting his excellence.

Thursday afternoon approached abruptly as I packed up my car for the 8 hour road trip back to Lake Oswego, Oregon. After a couple of naps, pit stops and leisurely driving I arrived at my grandparents house. Awaiting my arrival was a large bowl pasta topped with my grandmas famous spaghetti sauce and the hospitality that only grandparents could provide. Setting my clothes and gear out I went to bed both anxious and excited for the early morning.

Promptly at 08:00 (as my grandpa would say it) we had our road bikes assembled, equipped and ready to go as we would trek to Salishan, just north of Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. Naturally, as any 80 year old would wish, it was my grandpa Joel’s goal to ride 80 miles on his 80th birthday!

My cousin Alex, 21 years old, also accompanied us on the trip to the coast to complete the grandfather and grandson “trifecta”! For the first 20 miles, where the roads were unfamiliar to my cousin and I, the 80 year old phenom led the way averaging 16-17 mph with ease. From then on, our massive three person peloton switched off lead riders to keep a solid pace – not too slow, not too fast, but to have nice conversation and bonding along the way.

Our first real break was in Grande Ronde after nearly 40 miles of consistent riding. The small town that could nearly be referred to as a ghost town (as are many small towns while heading toward the coast) consisted of a hip and happening convenience store. After doing a small dose of people watching and grabbing a quick carbo-loaded snack from grandmas portable cooler of brilliance we were back on the road.

The beautiful Oregon weather, scenery and ride were enhanced 10 fold once we reached the Van Duzer corridor. Hundred year old Douglas-fir trees shaded the road as we rode with a cool, brisk breeze along the smooth road. All that separated us from sweet downhill riding into Lincoln City were three uphill climbs. While Alex and I thought it would be nice to slightly relax and talk during the ascent, without fail grandpa was cruising in what looked like his big chain ring, stud status! After being partially left in the dust and completing the final hill, we had a mere 15 miles left to Lincoln City.

Flying down hills and passing cars backed up for miles as we entered Lincoln City was priceless, grinning with smiles that couldn’t be slapped off by an angry ex! Cutting through to the back roads right along the coast, the weather turned from sun to the typical Oregon coast cloud cover like night and day. That said, we couldn’t have asked for better riding weather. It was 65 degrees and throughout the entire ride we were blessed with a kind tail wind.

After 6:30 hours, (5:30 hours of riding time) averaging 15.6mph we had arrived in the lush community of Salishan. With a pristine view overlooking miles of Oregon coast it was nothing short of spectacular. The feeling, emotion and tranquility that comes from riding 88 miles, with family, unto a beautiful spectacle was beyond what I’d ever imagined. In regards to this trip, I can only dream that this can continue. There, I said it grandpa, next year 81 miles for your 81st birthday!

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