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The word pelada means “naked” in Portuguese, but in Brazil, it also refers to a pickup soccer game. In Trinidad, such games are known as “taking a sweat.” No matter what they’re called, they’re played all over the world—down alleyways, on rooftops, in backyards and prison yards and anywhere else that can serve as a field. For every impromptu match documentary filmmakers Luke Boughen and Gwendolyn Oxenham joined on their journey around the world, they remind us, millions more more were taking place.

Both passionate college soccer stars, Boughen and Oxenham (who also played professionally in Brazil in 2005) set off to discover the meaning the game has for its enthusiasts around the globe. Whether in an open field, in the street or on the beach, from South America to Africa to the Middle and Far East, they found men, women and children alike living, breathing and playing soccer. The game proved a universal language through which the filmmakers (aided by their behind-the-scenes colleagues, Rebekah Fergusson and Ryan White) were able to communicate with their subjects even when no words were exchanged. While they played, they learned about their teammates’ lives and the importance of soccer to the structure of their communities.

Ultimately, Pelada reminds us that play, for adults as well as kids, is the common denominator of cultures that differ in every other respect. Just as they can set up a field and kick the soccer ball, so citizens of the world can learn to respect and understand the game and one another.

—Gigi Haycock

Boise State University, through the help of the Volunteer Service Board (VSB), Student Union Building (SUB) and Boise State Rec Center not only showed us the divine sport of soccer through the inspirational Pelada documentary, but also allowed soccer enthusiasts to come together and play in an indoor tournament to show what “Pelada” meant to them.

Luke Boughen, world traveler, futsal fanatic, and Notre Dame superstar, through the help of Joshua Haines and the VSB, brought the charity indoor soccer tournament to our beloved city of Boise. Not only was Luke able to tell us about the endless experience, knowledge and insight he’d gained from traveling around the world, but it also gave us the opportunity to share with him a little history in regards to the local Boise culture and community. Boise natives and students educated Luke about the Basque community, growing Bosnian and Serbian communities and refugees to name a few that have made Boise, Idaho the wonderful place it is today, even more so as it relates to soccer.

A unique touch to the charity soccer tournament was the entry fee to play. Each team of four either had to pay $10 or (preferably) bring a new soccer ball. The soccer balls were given to local Boise refugee families. The tournament brought 16 teams, 64 players, donating several hundred dollars to charity as well as over 20 soccer balls which were distributed accordingly.

The beautiful thing about the game of soccer is its international flare, respect and appeal. While sports like basketball and baseball at universities bring a majority of local players, or at least individuals born and raised in the United States, soccer brings people from around the world. The tournament represented players from Africa, Bosnia, Serbia, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Mexico, all playing for the love of the game and bringing their own special touch and finesse from where they grew up.

Luke and his wonderful documentary make each and every one of us feel that slight tingle in our feet, passion in our hearts and true love for the game! It has been an honor and privilege to have such an influential individual come to Boise State University and give us a new perspective through the game of soccer.

For the complete photo album click the link Pelada Indoor Tournament Photos


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The curiosity not only stems from wanting to play but also wondering who is available to play. The brilliance of Chris Hawkins spawned a new group on Facebook called “Soccer in Btown”. From the moment I was added to this page I knew it had the potential to take off. As friends added other friends, within the first week creation the page had already grown to over 100 people in the Boise area alone. And it couldn’t have been at a better time! Summer, beautifully sunny days and spare time for those Boise State students who aren’t in school, just need a break from their hectic summer classes or just have a sincere love for the game.

It was Thursday afternoon when Carlee, a Seattle University soccer player and Boise native, posted that she had a time spot allocated at the Boise State women’s field for 6:30 the following evening. Personally, being a huge fan of the women’s program, and one of thousands who have merely dreamt of playing on the lush greens that field possesses I couldn’t wait for the opportunity. I was immediately on my phone, calling, texting, etc., to my Boise State Men’s Club teammates and others in the Boise area who would be interested in this priceless opportunity. Promptly at 6:30 Friday evening, we had a 6v6 game going with local Boise talent and a couple stud players from the women’s team. After playing three games, first team to four goals for about an hour, everyone was very enthusiastic and anxious to set up the next kick around opportunity.

With the growth and passion for Futbol in the United States it truly excites me when a group of complete strangers comes together for a common enjoyment. You’d truly be surprised at how many passionate futbolers are around and have spare time in the area! Thanks again for everyone who came out Friday and for those who are making soccer in Boise and other locations a part of their lives. Please, join the “Soccer in Btown” Facebook page, tell your friends and keep everyone’s loves for the game growing! http://www.facebook.com/groups/204545369592446?ap=1


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